Skincare Products You Don't Actually Need at All

Most of the time during sales or discounts we tend to buy few bunch of products which we don't use at all later and worst thing is that our hard earned money gets wasted. There are some beauty products that we'd actually can substitute with other products and thus save a lot of pennies. 

I'm listing the skincare products which we might not need at all and also their substitutes which do the job perfectly.


8 Bad Beauty Habits That You Need to Change


Hey girlies! After writing a post on 8 Beauty Habits to Start Incorporating from Today, I'm here with some bad beauty habits that you need to change now for your own good skin. Keep reading and make sure you stop doing these beauty mistakes.


Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkins | Review

Hi beautiful! I'm going to talk about something which is personal for us ladies. Last week I reviewed Everteen Natural Intimate Wash and before that, Everteen Natural Bikini Line Hair Remover cream. All those products were from Everteen, a personal hygiene care brand. The product I'm going to write about is Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkins. Well it's the first time I'm reviewing such product on my blog. Keep reading to know my experience 😊


8 Beauty Habits to Start Incorporating From Today

These days when beauty has become a standard, everyone is so concerned about it. Some use loads of products and some do away by just using a face wash and cream. Beautifying oneself requires effort which not everybody can do in their busy lives. But then there are some simple things you can do to your skin which will benefit you in a long run. I'm listing out some effortless good habits that will enhance your beauty further.


Everteen Natural Intimate Wash | Review

When it comes to intimate hygiene and actually taking care of it, many ladies use soap and water which is really harsh for that area. Intimate area has different pH level than rest of the body so it should be cleaned with something mild. Soap messes up with its pH level so it's not recommended. When Everteen sent me their Everteen Natural Intimate Wash, I wanted to give it a try sice I've used intimate washes before. After using it for couple of times I'm ready to review it. Let's begin! 


Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser | Review

Hey sweets! These days there's so much humidity that whatever I put on face it doesn't stay and it's worse for oily skin. I'm always in a lookout for face washes that can control my sebum and not make my face dull and super shiny. I guess I've found it and I'm reluctant to share it with you. It's Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser and my review will be on it.