5 DIY Face Masks to Reverse Ageing

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We all wanted to grow up but we hate ageing, right? There's a thin line between ageing and ageing gracefully. Now, what would you prefer? Of course, ageing gracefully! 

When it comes to skin, ageing affects it first by forming wrinkles, fine lines and dry patches which makes face look sullen and dull. And I'm sure you wouldn't want that so I'm up with some face mask recipes that you can do it yourself to fight those anti ageing signs and achieve a youthful and glowing skin...

1. Olive-Egg Mask
Olive oil balances and makes skin soft. Egg tightens the facial skin which helps in diminishing wrinkles.

Source | stylecraze.com
Take one egg and add 2 teaspoon olive oil and honey in it. Apply in on your face and neck. To remove it when it dries, mix one teaspoon soda bicarbonate in hot water. Remove the mask with this solution with the help of a cotton ball.

2. Potato-Curd Mask
It helps in lightening skin and specially the dark spots which appear while skin is ageing. Curd softens skin and reduce fine lines with regular use.

Source | ladyformula.com
Take one tablespoon grated potato, 1/2 tablespoon curd and mix them both. Apply it for 15-20 minutes and then wash it.

3. Coconut Oil Mask
Coconut oil is a staple to remove spots and scars. Due to its moisturizing properties, it helps in fine lines.

Mix few drops of orange essential oil in coconut oil and use it as a moisturizer twice a day. With regular and prolonged use you'll get to see results!

4. Peach Mask
Peach helps in removing dark circles and blemishes. Since it contains vitamin A and C, it makes one of the best anti ageing masks.

Source | bbcgoodfood.com
Make a puree of 1 ripe peach and apply it on your face for 20 minutes. You can also add yoghurt or milk for extra softness.

5. Rice Mask
Rice is a popular ingredient among Japanese and women know well how to use it skin. It delays premature aging and promotes cell renewal.

Source | healthyfoodhouse.com
Take 2 spoons cooked rice, 1 spoon grounded almonds, 1 egg yolk, 5 drops of lemon juice and form a mixture. Apply it for 15 minutes and then rinse.

These were the face masks effective for making skin youthful and renewed. Now here are some short and sweet, easy tips you can follow:

• Drink green tea which is rich in anti-oxidants. Eat fruits like peach, apple, orange, avocado and watermelon.

• Even if you have oily skin don't shy away from moisturizing skin.

• Along with maintaining healthy skin, also maintain a healthy body by indulging in light exercises and yoga.

• Use a mild face wash instead of one that dries up skin. Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles and fine lines.

• Opt for facials like collagen mask, chemical peel, platinum which targets towards anti ageing.

• Include fish in your diet for overall health.

• Stay away from excess, salt, alcohol and dairy products. Increase your water intake.

• Keep away from layering up heavy makeup and opt for minimal and balanced appearance.

• Don't forget to use a hydrating eye cream.

• Tone your skin regularly with cold mineral/filtered water.

I hope you enjoyed reading these anti-aging tips and face pack recipes. Which one did you like? Share!

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Lots of love,
Mariyam ❤


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